About Us

Design love is all you need / We love designing

It all started in late 2013, when Alex, an eternal dreamer, crossed paths with Kristo, a funky persona. Expressing their desire to feel an outstanding rhythm into their blood, they decided – what else?- to create it, based upon a simple principle: be the antidote to the big agency experience, by bringing ideas into life, making dreams come true, making a difference.

Their friend Jon came to their rescue, ensuring the smooth landing of ideas, but something was missing… Hell yeah, in order for them to produce the funkiest quartet ever, they needed a touch of mystery… a guest queen to set the tone to the ultimate web experience! #women

We have crazy ideas / Our Skills

  • Storytelling / we are looking forward to our next plot

  • Mobile experiences / we embrace the on-the-go attitude

  • Responsive design / we love looking good, my friend

  • Beer Academy winners / this is how we brew our brains out

  • Digital strategy / make love, not digital war

  • Advertising & Copywriting / when in doubt, throw it out

Our Services

Web Design

We believe that appearances can't be deceptive. We love blending aesthetics, capting the attention - anywhere, everywhere - and creating memorable, engaging and responsive designs. Our designers work closely with our developers to ensure the most compelling, unified and outstanding presence of your brand.

App Design

Ready, steady, go...right at your fingertips! We are constantly exploring the best tools and practices in order to provide you with the state-of-the-mobile-art solutions. Our team is more than happy to communicate your brand through an assortment of applications, powered by our thirst for challenge.

Brand & Identity

Your business is a VIP to us. Let us build together a solid foundation for a unique, consistent and quality indentity that will engage with your target audience. We work hard to fully understand your brand so that we deliver the best experiences, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Print Communication

Even though online marketing is a great medium, many continue to love - and always will - physical experiences. We combine appealing design with meticulous craftsmanship, inviting your audience to connect on a deeper level and adding vitality to your project.

Web Photo shooting & Video

You may need that extra ray of light to bring your fabulous play to the web scene. The right angle to showcase your object. An extraordinary script with a captive footage. Whatever your website needs, our superheroes come to the rescue.

Translation, Transcreation & Copywriting

We craft, shape, translate, edit, create, style and polish your content. We talk the talk and walk the linguistic walk. We speak Greek, English & French. And if you are in search of another language, you can count on us. We can track the most suitable persona to take care of your business.

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